cultcuteness: Ur so right. Like confidence when ur a bit heavy but healthy is beautiful but promoting an unhealthy lifestyle of obesity isn't. But it's not my business :)

Exactly, like it’s not the way they look that bugs me… It’s the attitude

Anonymous: open your submit please :) i'll be off anon when I submit, promise!

Lol i’m on my way to work, i’ll open it tonight when i get back home :P

Anonymous: do you accept nudes from guys?

Sure if you come off anon

Anonymous: you don't like fat people?

I don’t like chicks that are like 200lbs overweight shoving their rolls in my face and demanding that it be seen as attractive.

Edit: also if your fat makes up like 70% of your personality you’re prob a pretty dull person… Just saying.
Fat girls on tumblr really need to chill out.