"Either kill me or take me as I am because I will be dammed if I ever change"
~Marquis De Sade


Pretty girls don’t need feminism.

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Anonymous said: Would you ever get a boob job or are you content with the way they are now?

I would get a boob job only if they would still look and feel 100% natural.

Anonymous said: How frequently do you have sex/masturbate?

Whenever we both have time/every day pretty much….

Anonymous said: How do you feel about casual sexual relationships or friends with benefits?

To be honest I prefer them over serious relationships… I think my boyfriend and I have a good balance but generally speaking the more casual the better.

Anonymous said: Cats or dogs?

Dogs 100%

Anonymous said: Do you have a favourite flower?

I really like cacti if that counts.

Bonus :P

Anonymous said: Would you rather be able to read minds or have the power to control minds?

Control minds, I can already read people pretty well.

Anonymous said: Do you have any scars on your body with odd or interesting stories behind them? I have one on my arm from when I "almost" got stabbed when I was 18

I have one scar on my wrist that everyone asks about because it looks like an awful suicide attempt but really I just cut myself on chicken wire when I was like 3 and it never healed properly lol

Anonymous said: Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?


I fucked him

Anonymous said: do you believe in marriage?

Of course I do, but for myself personally I’m much more comfortable with a casual relationship. I’m not up for serious commitment right now but that may change.

Anonymous said: whats your favourite way to fuck?

Doggy style with a collar and leash on.

Oh look it’s topless tuesday againnn